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Our Process

All encompassing, holistic energy solutions.

At CLS, we take a holistic approach to each and every project first, before we look at the feasibility of solar. In doing this, we can enable a property owner to remedy the cause of such a large PV system. Most cases result in a 10% - 40% decrease in consumption, subsequently reducing the system size needed from solar.

It’s this well-rounded approach that sets us apart by finding the root cause of high consumption and mitigating it as much as possible.

Holistic Renewable Solutions

Project Development

The development of a project has many moving parts and variables that need to be adhered to in order to confirm the viability of a project. Everything from location, engineering, permitting, environmental allowances, financing to construction must be accounted for. With certain criteria being met, we set a benchmark on every project to oversee and manage each process from beginning to end.


Our staff of professionals can handle all of the feasibility, design and engineering requirements for any project, including civil, structural and electrical. We also obtain third party verification to produce stamped sets and plans that are required by any utility or municipality to obtain the proper permitting for job commencement.


Project financing and procurement is a crucial element in determining the economic feasibility of any project. We believe in finding the best possible financing method to ensure a positive return on your investment to ease the decision-making process. We have worked diligently to create relationships with several financial institutions that give our clients the best options to facilitate their monetary needs.


CLS has in-house project management, electricians and installation labor to help control the quality and safety of each project. Depending upon market availability, CLS will sub-contract installation crews within certain geographic areas. In this instance, a CLS representative will always oversee and manage the construction process.

Operations & Maintenance

We provide services for ongoing operations and maintenance to ensure maximum production and profitability for every project. Optimal performance is key to an on-going, successful project.