CLS is backed by a multi-billion dollar fund with a focus on renewable, clean energy projects throughout the U.S. We have the ability to acquire, fund, build and own projects at any phase from early stage, NTP, COD and/or producing.



CLS has the ability to in-house finance projects through various investor types ranging from tax equity to sponsor equity and can take on projects from $5 million to over $50 million. Our financing and acquisition structure allows for projects to accomplish milestones in an expeditious time manner.



CLS can acquire projects at various stages of development, construction, or operation. We take on the capital stack to take the project through to completion and create a seamless and simple process.



For project Developers looking to divest projects at NTP or COD that are facing challenging hurdle rates, we can acquire projects with lower than average hurdle rates seen in the market. This allows Developers to increase project profitability through leveraging our engineering, procurement capabilities and in-house construction teams.



For project Originator’s that need assistance with development and EPC services, we will work directly with you and your client(s) to achieve their goals of producing clean energy and optimal savings from their energy expenditures. We have a team of developers and engineers to take on the tasks of project feasibility, development, design, engineering, and construction.



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